Kyle Garrett

Founder & CEO

  • Kyle started Rocky Mountain West Telecom (RMWT) because he wanted to have control over his career and to help clients save money with a rapid response time and quality results. He chose the name RMWT because of his love for the Rocky Mountains, unfortunately the name Rocky Mountain Telecom was taken, so he decided to add West in the name due to our location being west of the Rockies.
  • Kyle came into the telecom industry by accident, after seeing all his friends enjoy their jobs, getting to travel, and much more he decided to apply to work in the telecommunications world. After being hired, Kyle was pulled deeper and deeper into the telecommunications world. Kyle did not go to college for telecommunications, at the time there was no formal school to attend to learn about the industry. Everything he knows, he learned through on-the-job training and shadowing his peers.
  • He has enjoyed watching the industry change and grow due to new ways of engineering and the newest technology coming out. Kyle’s favorite part about his job is the different challenges that are presented each day. Its always something new that requires a different kind of solution. He loves the team he has built at RMWT and is happy to watch them grow and succeed in the telecommunications industry.

KJ Carter

Director of Telecom Operations

  • KJ’s job consists of networking and telecommunications planning, organizing, and managing the administrative and technical aspects of RMWT.
  • KJ’s goals are to help grow RMWT and the telecommunications Industry by building a team that can provide the client and end user the best telecom experience possible. He accomplishes this by learning more  and adjusting to the consistently changing telecom standards.
  • KJ’s favorite part of his job at RMWT is the opportunity to work with great employees at RMWT and outstanding clients.

Kyler Lunt

Vice President of Operations

  • Kyler’s job consists of overseeing all design work and employees, as well as quote and offer assistance in quoting all new work.
  • Kyler’s goals for RMWT are to increase revenue and keep RMWT a place everyone wants to work at.
  • Kyler’s favorite part about his job is the opportunity to always be learning something new, problem-solving aspects and working as a team to provide solutions.

K.C. Lunt

Sr. Project Manager

  • K.C.’s job consists of managing clients, personnel and helping grow RMWT.
  • K.C.’s goals are to continue improving upon his management and life skills while helping to grow the company.
  • K.C.’s favorite part about his job is showing up everyday and being part of a team/family that wants to win.

Kelly Rosquist

Drafting Manager

  • Kelly and her team work closely with the operations team to create an accurate and professional product.
  • Kelly also loves spending time with her husband and two sons, family, and friends.

Jessie Robertson

Permit Coordinator

  • Jessie’s job consists of managing permits required for each fiber project and communications with entities and clients.
  • Jessie’s goals are to improve communications with the entries we work with, build a team that can provide the best input and turnaround time on permits for our clients and learn as much as I can about the continuously changing telecommunications world.
  • Jessie’s favorite part of her job is working and communicating with new people across the United States on daily basis, learning new aspects of the telecommunications world and being part of a great supportive team!

Lee Roberts


  • Lee had her first job doing accounting work for her father’s insurance company when she was 12 years old and always knew that she would be an accountant. She has worked for a CPA Firm for 20 years as a Tax Manager and the Accounting Services Manager.
  • Lee has been involved with RMWT since 1998 and understands the history of the telecommunications industry. Lee has a Master’s Degree in Accounting and is a CPA. Lee’s priority is to oversee the overall accounting department and track cash flow and to analyze financial strengths and weaknesses in the operations.

Kimberly Brown

HR Director

  • Kimberly has a BA degree in Forensic Psychology, which assists in her job of wearing many hats as the HR Director, Secretary to the President, Office Manager, Administrative Assistant, and overseeing the Receptionist & IT Department.
  • The goals Kimberly has is to create a work environment that retains employees, advocates for quality benefits,  and to continue to enhance the employee experience at RMWT.
  • Kimberly’s favorite part about working with RWMT is the family oriented team environment, watching the company and employees grow and succeed, and getting to know the clients that we serve.

Scott Jackson


  • Scott joined RMWT as the Controller in 2019.  Prior to joining RMWT, Scott was a Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers in their Assurance Services division where he worked with clients across various industries.  Scott received his Master of Accountancy degree from Brigham Young University’s nationally top-ranked accounting program.   Scott has been a licensed CPA since 2005.
  • Scott oversees the day-to-day accounting operations at RMWT and works with the project managers to achieve profitability on each job and for the company as a whole.
  • Scott’s goals at RMWT are to increase productivity and profitability.
  • Scott’s favorite part about his job is being able to work both with the accounting as well as the operations side of RMWT.  Working with the team to consistently make RMWT better each year is fun.  Scott likes being in the country and close to the family cattle farm where he spends his time outside of work.  The five-minute commute is also nice after having been in big cities for 15 years.