James Lyman

I never post to the web page either FB or actual web page. I felt like it is necessary today to do it. I received word that a great friend had past away yesterday. Jimmy (James) Lyman left us. I have known Jimmy my entire life. He came to work for me in Louisiana I think in or about 1993 in Iowa. Man did we have fun. Some of us that were there at the time while we was working for Mid-State Consultants. Mike Williams, Bobby Ballow, Ken Whiting, Carl Anderson, Travis Mellor, Cory Ballow, Steve Switzer, Craig Melancon, Bill Westfall Jr. and others from Louisiana. Then after years of Jimmy working for TDS in Colorado, Jimmy came to work for RMWT. He worked for us here for about 2 years and went to work for Table Top Telephone in Ajo, Arizona. We never lost touch over the years. RMWT/I worked for Jimmy in Colorado. He was our/my boss. Pay back was hell lol. No I did actually work for him. Like in the field working. It was fun to work together again side by side with Jimmy.

I just want to say what a fun loving do anything for you person Jimmy was. My prayers are with Cindy and their kids. It’s going to be a lot different world without Jimmy in it. He is out of pain and I’m sure enjoying catching up with family and friends on the other side. It sucks loosing a good friend and pal so early in life. At least it seems early to me. Jimmy will be missed. Love ya ol’ buddy. Good bye my friend until me meet again. We will sit down and drink a beer or a shot of hot damn. Keep smiling and chuckling on the rest of your journey. Love ya man!

–Kyle Garrett

The funeral is scheduled for Saturday December 1st at 10:00 am at the North Stake center with a visitation the night before from 6 to 8 at Anderson’s Funeral Home and Saturday morning at 9 am at the North Stake Center before the funeral.

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  1. Kyle – I couldn’t agree with you more. I had worked with Jimmy since the early 90’s and I couldn’t have asked for harder worker to work along side of me and always with a smile and a chuckle. After he left TDS we would still touch base and have a good laugh. I found out about Jimmy having Cancer from a text on Friday night, I then reached out to him Monday evening with a text and told him to call when he felt up to it.

    Unfortunately that call never came, but I do hope he was able to my text and that gave him peace.

  2. Hi Jimmy,

    I remember meeting you down in Welch, La. back in 1993. Bill Westfall invited to the Holiday Inn lounge. Bill and I was sitting there and in come you and Kyle Garrett. After sitting there a few minutes you said to Kyle, “I think you have met your match”. Talking about beer drinking. Kyle hung the moniker “Big Daddy” on me because of that. I still use it.

    Jimmy you R.I.H.

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