Corona Virus

Wow what a difference a week can make with the updates, changes, and spread of this virus. I
want to let everyone know how we here at RMWT will handle the situation as management.

We have had clients ask if we will be available and open for business, the answer is yes. Our
clients still have deadlines to meet and we will not let them down. With the need for fiber,
copper and wireless being much of the way people communicate we are not in a position to
step back or give up. If this crisis continuous the way it is, I can see us getting even busier as we
play a major role in the big picture of things in the world of communications.

Management have held numerus meetings internally as well as meeting with our heath care
provider on their recommendations. There are a lot of unanswered questions that everyone has
but as for now, RMWT will go about business as usual. We will use common sense on making
work assignments, travel plans, scheduling meetings and so on.

We are offering adjusted work schedules to assist with the growing concerns that our
employees may have; including shift work in order to cut down on the number of people you
are exposed to, adjusted hours that you may need in order to provide childcare, and allowing
people drive to work locations in company or rental vehicles instead of flying to limit exposure.
We are open to other arrangements that may need to be made or suggested as the needs are
changing daily as I have previously stated.

There are many rumors flying around within RMWT. Instead of being the cause of the rumor or
spreading rumors please email or call any of the management team. This includes Kyler Lunt,

KJ Carter, KC Lunt, Kelly Rosquist, Ally Durfee, Kimberly Brown and me. Kimberly is the person
communicating with the reputable sources on advice, guidelines, and mandates that may be
put into place.

If you are not comfortable coming into the office, please let us know. We can more than likely
work something out with you. I just don’t want to be taken advantage of during this crisis.

I really consider us one big family, if you need anything that you might be running low on please
reach out to Kimberly. If needed it will be kept confidential there is no shame in asking for help.
This includes everyone rather you’re in Texas, Nebraska, Arizona and everywhere in between.
Between everyone in the company we can probably help you out.

We are taking this seriously especially since this situation seems to worsen day by day. I’m the
one that had to have the wake-up call and realize the severity we are all finding ourselves in.

I apologize if I have seemed to come off harsh in some cases. It is easier to joke and tease than
share the concerns about how to keep everyone paid and working.

Remember to wash your hands often.

I know the people in RMWT are tough, smart and will endure!


Kyle Garrett
RMWT President